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התראה אשר מאפשרת לדעת במהלך שיחה סלולרית האם המשתתפים האחרים בשיחה מקליטים אותך, התראה זאת תינתן במעמד צד אחד וללא חדירה לפרטיות
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ListenApp is a platform with the purpose of securing calls by providing visual and auditory indication of potential privacy leaks or change of conditions during voice call conversation. It is obvious that voice calls are most traditional way to communicate between peoples however it is very important to remember that these calls might be subject to all kind of interception or recording

Security- Recording indication. In today's world any smartphone user can become a spy instantly. Anybody can use recording applications to record any smartphone conversation. ListenApp allows its users to recognize if they are being recorded while on voice call and prevent the security breach ahead of time

In todays new organizational BYOD policies, mobile technology has made businesses increasingly vulnerable to having work discussions recorded every day. Anyone with a smartphone can potentially capture exchanges with colleagues, supervisors, HR professionals or executives without their knowledge, such recordings are being presented more frequently in discrimination litigation and lawsuits

Why Have a ListenApp recording recognition

  • It dissuades employees from recording conversation
  • It protects your organizational and private privacy
  • It encourages trust and candid conversation
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